>Hollyhock Hill – Indianapolis, Indiana

>8110 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46240, (317) 251-2294

This place spins out boring, bland “food” and is a great example of what’s wrong with our city’s culinary future. Dated and sad, the food is fit for a 1981 budget rehearsal dinner…yet people around these parts say they Love it!
Hollyhock Hill first opened its doors in 1928. Don’t be mistaken however that surviving for the last 80 years is a testament to its cuisine. It’s due to the family style tradition of Hoosiers loving family style traditions. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating at a place you remember fondly … just don’t tell me it’s for the food.
This is the perfect place for a mediocre office party or if you want to be surrounded by an elderly group of ice tea drinking gadabouts. While they boast serving “America’s BEST Fried Chicken,” I can’t even be bothered to upload pictures of it to the blog. yuck.

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3 Comments on ">Hollyhock Hill – Indianapolis, Indiana"

  1. Erin in Indy says:

    >thanks for the posting this. I have never understood the fawning this chicken receives.

  2. No Sporks Allowed says:

    >right? odd little thing about living in Indianapolis…that…and that people love St Elmo's!? lol.

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