>Taqueria Five Amigos Mexican Food Stand


5657 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46241 • (317) 227-9400

Drive down east Washington street at three-thirty in the morning and you’ll see a few things out of the ordinary. One of those will surely be a small group of people huddled around a patio heater on the side of the road waiting to order at a traditional Mexican food stand. Taqueria Five Amigos serves Mexican comfort food favorites such as cabeza (beef head) tacos, lengua (tongue) tortas and gringo favorites such as tacos al pastor and chicken or beef nachos daily from 10am to 5am.

Thinking I’d hit the Latin working class Joe’s jackpot for a late night snack place, I’ve been surprised time and time again at its diverse range of customers; middle aged women, young professionals, the working poor, homeless and a foodie or two all seem to descend on the place in equal measure.

Their asada, chorizo or pollo tacos are popular favorites and at $1.50 each they are ordered by the handful. Another highlight is the Taco-in-a-Bag; a layered taco prepared in a snack-sized Fritos bag and served with a fork. Waste not, want not.

You may be tempted to get your food and run…but don’t. Take a seat under the patio heater and relax a few minutes…enjoy it. The lively group of customers are as much part of the story as the tasty food itself. Last trip I bought a taco for a hungry guy walking by and an insurance agent from Fishers bought me a pineapple cola. Thanks stranger.

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